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Financial Modeling for CPG Companies

Whether you’re running a tech startup with a dozen or more employees or are forging ahead as a solopreneur, you’re likely running completely remote right now. And if any of your operations need to come to a halt due to safety regulations, you may also have a little extra time on your hands.

Remote work and free time offer the perfect opportunity to expand your and your employees’ skill set. You can finally take the time you’ve been dreaming of to work on your business, not just in your business.

Online business courses for entrepreneurs are an excellent way to self-educate about those sticky areas of your business that you’ve been struggling with. From digital marketing and design to leadership and team-building exercises, there’s a business course out there for just about everything.

And now with the Simple Startup Academy, you can add financial planning and financial accounting to that list.

What is the Simple Startup Academy?

Simple Startup’s Academy offers some of the best online business courses out there.

The Academy is a series of easy-to-understand, financial-focused courses for entrepreneurs who want to better understand strategies for smart business growth, financial planning, budgeting, and more.

Each course is focused on teaching specific skill sets that empower business owners to take control of their company’s future.

Benefits of the Simple Startup Academy

Whatever course you sign up for, you can bet on reaping the following benefits:

  • Saving yourself the time of figuring out these skills on your own
  • Saving the money of hiring specialized personnel to do specific tasks
  • You can take the courses on your own schedule, from wherever you’re working
  • You’ll get access to professional CFOs and other business owners to help answer questions, develop customized plans, and more

Our currently available course is Fill-in-the-Blanks Financial Modeling, with a focus on natural foods and the consumer packaged goods industry. Below we’ll provide a brief overview of what you can expect from the course.

What is Financial Modeling?

Financial modeling means using your business’ current financial data to make a forecast of your future performance.

The data used to predict future revenue includes:

  • Your historical financial data
  • Basic assumptions about your business’ performance in the near-term future
  • Income statement
  • Balance sheet
  • Cash flow statement
  • Current capital assets, debt (and interest on debt)

Why Does Financial Modeling Matter?

You really can’t make any intelligent decisions for your business without financial modeling. Good business growth strategies are dependent on sound financial models.

For example, if your financial model says you’ll be making $1 million more profit in 3 years, then you can probably afford the staff to help support that growth now (rather than waiting until it’s too late).

Some of the questions financial modeling can help you answer include:

  • What are my margins (not only for my products and services but also my business)
  • Are these margins where they need to be? What needs to change?
  • Should I take on debt?
  • Should I acquire new assets or other businesses?
  • Should I sell current assets or divisions of your company?
  • Should I open new stores, and if so, how many?
  • Should I plan on entering into a new market?
  • Should I hire more employees, and how much can I commit to salary and benefits?
  • How should I prioritize my current spending?
  • How does all of the above impact the value of my business?

What Do Simple Startup’s Financial Modeling Courses Cover?

Normally, you would need a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) to create a financial model for you. However, this is a cost-prohibitive hire that likely isn’t in the books for most small startups.

But just because your business is small doesn’t mean you don’t need to forecast your finances for the future.

The sooner you can get a financial model in place, the better off you’ll be. With financial modeling, you can move confidently towards taking on capital to grow your company, knowing it has a high probability of success.

Our Fill-in-the-Blanks Financial Modeling course takes something that can be super complicated and ridiculously intimidating and turns it into something simple and doable for any entrepreneur (even if you’re scared of numbers). And all for a fraction of the cost of hiring a CFO.

You’ll be guided through the process of creating a totally customized financial model based on your company’s needs and vision for the future. You’ll walk away with a clear, numbers-based roadmap that you can turn to when making important business decisions and strategizing how to grow your business.

A Consumer Packaged Goods and Natural Foods Focus

Simple Startup Academy’s newest Fill-in-the-Blanks Financial Modeling course is focused specifically on the natural foods and consumer packaged goods industry.

Built on hundreds of hours of industry experience, the course includes:
● A CPG-specific financial model template built on years of industry experience and past modeling
● Step-by-step video modules guided by a CFO to walk you through the process of develop your own model from start to finish
● Additional documentation to help you with any questions you may have
● Detailed checklist to help make sure you’re not missing any important steps
● 6 weeks of access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions of both your peers and a Simple Startup CFO
● 5 hours of live video conferencing with a professional CFO to answer your questions and help you through the process

Why CPG Entrepreneurs Should Take Our Financial Modeling Course

If you’re like most small business owners, you probably find yourself running around putting out fires left and right. Most weeks are totally consumed by the day-to-day operations of your business, and you probably have trouble prioritizing the long-term growth and future success of your business.

Simple Startup Academy’s Fill-in-the-Blanks Financial Modeling course gives you the chance to:

  • Take a step back and look at the big picture, answering the question, “Where do you want to be 5 years from now?”
  • Learn more about the CPG industry, including how to identify common pitfalls and hidden expenses (ever heard of free-fills, chargebacks, or slotting fees?)
  • Develop a hiring plan so you can stop working 80 hour weeks for 20 hours of pay
  • Figure out how much investment you need to reach your goals, and how much of your company you should be willing to give to investors
  • Take complete control of your business’ financial future

How Much Money Can You Save with Simple Startup Academy?

Beyond teaching invaluable skills that will stay with you for the rest of your business, our Academy courses save you serious time and money.

Hundreds of hours of industry experience have coalesced to create our Financial Modeling course. You get direct access to our years of expertise with the click of a mouse (okay, maybe closer to 3-5 clicks).

Even if you’re confident you could figure out how to do your financial modeling from scratch, the time it would take to do so would be massive. And the chances of you getting around to it while trying to run your business at the same time? Pretty low.

Then there’s the money you’ll save over hiring a chief financial officer. The average yearly salary of a CFO is $370,000 a year. Our class has a one-time cost of $1,499.

You don’t have to be good at math to figure that one out.

Ready to Look at the Big Picture?

Dozens of business-owners have relied on Simple Startup’s financial expertise to guide them through their growth processes. And plenty have gushed about just how much their businesses benefited from our services.

Derrick Mize, CEO of Verve Wine, is one of those:

“Simple Startup has helped us plan Verve’s future. Not just pre-opening but for the first 2 years of operations. We now know when to open stores, how much this will cost and how this affects our cash flow, our earnings and hence the value of the company. We also know who to hire, when we can hire and how much we can afford to pay.”

You can start making your financial model for the future right now, too. Ready to sign up?

Learn more and sign up for our Fill-in-the-Blanks Financial Modeling course now »

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