Our Brand May Be New, But Our Commitment to the Tax Services You Need to Thrive Remains the Same


As our principal and co-founder Lorne Noble recently shared, Simple Startup has launched a new brand and website to reflect how we partner with and deliver value for growth-minded businesses like yours.

It’s always been our mission to help businesses simplify finances, understand the story behind your data, and make the most informed strategic and operational decisions. Now, our new brand and website do a much better job of conveying how we deliver on that commitment for companies in the consumer-packaged goods (CPG), technology, and services industries.

One of the most overlooked ways we help growth-minded companies reinforce their financial foundations, transform their fiscal strategies, and scale their business is through our Tax Services. When you think about what drives value for your business, taxes might not immediately come to mind. But they probably should. 

What Our New Brand Means for Our Tax Services

In our work with growth-minded companies, we’ve found that the whole issue of taxes and their effect on a business is often misunderstood. It’s easy to view taxes as a tactical item—something you need to do to stay compliant with tax laws. But the finance experts at Simple Startup recognize that tax matters are increasingly strategic, impacting your ability to achieve your goals. For example, managing inventory effectively, including how you handle inventory that has lost its value, can affect your business’ tax liability. In addition, new laws for 2022 mandate that R&D costs are amortized over five years in the U.S. and over fifteen years if the spend occurred outside the U.S. This will have tax implications for technology companies this year.

So as we prepared to launch our new brand and website, we made a conscious effort to convey that our tax solutions cover two distinct areas—one more strategic and long term, the other more tactical and short term.

Tax Advisory

Simple Startup’s year-round Tax Advisory services take the long-term view of approaching taxes from a strategic standpoint, uncovering opportunities, and offering advice on how to handle your taxes in a way that best supports your objectives.

Our experienced fractional CFOs dig deep to understand your business and goals. Then they leverage their understanding of the nuanced federal tax code to evaluate various tax scenarios using sophisticated financial modeling, develop alternatives that can reduce your tax liability, create and implement a detailed tax plan tailored to your business, and continually track the plan to maximize your profitability and accelerate your growth.

Our Tax Advisory services also include helping you understand and respond to IRS tax notices promptly and effectively, so you can avoid the high costs of penalties and interest charges. And if you’re facing an audit, our tax specialists will support you every step of the way to ensure you meet the IRS’s expectations for timely, accurate documentation. 

So while you might not automatically view taxes as a strategic tool, Simple Startup’s Tax Advisory services are a great way to maximize the available capital to invest in the business and move your company along its growth journey.

Tax Compliance

Simple Startup’s Tax Compliance services take a shorter-term, tactical approach to ensuring you’re getting ahead of your tax obligations.

Our staff CPAs and fractional CFOs ensure you’re never paying more taxes than you should, you’re taking advantage of the full range of tax credits and deductions available to you, and you’re always tax audit ready. Whether they’re supporting your year-end tax filing, calculating your estimated quarterly payments, or answering questions about complex topics like sales and payroll tax, the Simple Startup tax team keeps you current and compliant in meeting your tax obligations. And that reduces the burden on your internal team—enabling them to focus on more critical tasks.

Take Advantage of Our Website Resources

We hope you’ll visit our new website and dig deeper into our Tax Advisory and Tax Compliance services sections. It’s a great way to better understand how these services can help you as you progress along your growth journey.

While you’re at it, you might also find it useful to spend some time perusing the Resources section of our new website. It includes information on key accounting and finance topics (like taxes) in a variety of different formats, including blogs, tools, guides, FAQs, and our Simple Startup Academy online courses.

If you’re interested in learning how our Tax Advisory and Tax Compliance services can help your business grow and thrive, contact me to book an introductory call.

About Bert Wilson

Bert is a serial entrepreneur, finance expert and tax extraordinaire. He has started multiple successful business ventures ranging from control room and furniture sales to real estate investments to movie theater operation. Due to the accounting complexity of dealing with such diverse ventures, he went back to school, earned his Master’s degree in accounting, and then passed the CPA exam, becoming a licensed Certified Public Accountant who could deal with it all himself. Bert is super passionate about using his incredible experience to help other entrepreneurs succeed.

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