Controller Services

Our controller services provide an expert eye on all facets of your accounting to ensure the numbers are accurate and the trends are moving in the right direction.


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Controller Services

Strategic Insights and World-Class Accounting Support


We take the accounting management off your shoulders, providing monthly investor-ready reporting alongside strategic insight and world-class support to help as you grow and scale.

It goes without saying that any accountant needs to be well versed in basic accounting functions such as transaction management, invoicing, payables, and bank and credit card reconciliations. However, bookkeepers, and in some cases even skilled accountants, have their limits. This is where our core Controller Services can ensure you have a solid financial foundation on which to elevate your business.

Our Controllers are relationship-oriented team leads. They do not just report to you; instead, you gain a team member who truly cares about your business and will coordinate with other leadership team members to ensure the accounting foundation and financial statement reporting is such that strategic insights can be observed.

Not all revenue is created equal. Revenue recognition requires adhering to various compliance procedures to avoid preparing misleading financial statements. For example, ASC 606, a framework within GAAP, was implemented to streamline the accounting of contract-based transactions. Our Controllers read your customer contracts, make recommendations to improve these contracts, and record your monthly revenue and associated deferred liabilities accurately.

Expense recognition principles need to be carefully considered when preparing accurate financial statements. Our Controllers apply appropriate accounting principles to your unique situation.

Our Controllers will work alongside your team to create appropriate capitalization policies and ensure a clear distinction between operating expenses and capital expenses.

When you grow, so does your balance sheet, and in turn so does the sophistication of your financial reporting and the need to accurately allocate components of assets and liabilities into short term (those that fall due in the next 12 months) and long term (those that fall due outside the next 12 months).

Many companies operate under multiple entities, some of which could be overseas. Our Controllers have experience with intercompany transactions (due to and due from).

When you work with vendors or customers in different countries and currencies, you will undoubtedly come across challenges in foreign exchange accounting. We can assist with proper recognition of foreign exchange gains and losses to ensure an accurate set of financial statements.

Equity incentive plans and resultant option pools are frequently used by growing companies to incentivize staff. However, they can be complex to create, difficult to understand, and challenging to account for correctly, especially if you are audited. Our accounting team is well versed in how to account for and report stock options in your financial statements.

We love to make recommendations on which accounting related software solutions will work best for your business, but we will not dictate or pigeonhole you into a particular system. The software systems you use are yours and should work for you.