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The consumer product goods companies we’ve helped:

Food & Beverage

  • The most exciting thing about working with Simple Startup is that now we can grow! We can open ourselves up to more investment. Prior to our CSO, CMO, and CFO working with Simple Startup closely on our financials this was not the case. Being in due diligence with venture capitalists and funds, they go through your books with a fine-toothed comb and Simple Startup has done a great job helping us get there - to funding and for more funding in the future. Actually, we’ve recently gotten more funding and investments and have more coming in. Bottom line, if you don't have good books, you’re kind of SOL.

    Roy Moore
    Roy Moore Operations Manager & Co-Founder, Snacktavist
  • "If a fellow entrepreneur were looking for a tax accountant, I would tell them that Simple Startup is easy to work with, responsive, and even more importantly, their rates are fair. I’m always recommending founders to Simple Startup’s subscription-based accounting; in fact, I just did yesterday!"

    Dustin Finkel
    Dustin Finkel Awakened Foods, CEO & Founder
  • "I love working with the team at Simple Startup. Communication is great, hands-on support, and all of your financials are documented and prepared in time and very comprehensive."

    Ashi Jelenik
    Ashi Jelenik CEO & Founder, KidsLuv
  • "We have a tremendous amount of respect for Simple Startup and we would love to continue to find different ways to work with them, especially now that we know what they’re capable of. Our foundational accounting processes are now in line with industry standard best practices and Simple Startup helped us see inefficiencies we were unaware of. They keep our focus on where we want to go, which is exciting, instead of scrutinizing Quickbooks!"

    James Moss
    James Moss Interim CEO, Heavenly Organics
  • "Alex's recommendation to a potential client: "We work with them and we LOVE them! They have been an exceptional resource for helping us grow intelligently, strategically, and as profitably as possible."

    Alexandra Joy
    Alexandra Joy Co-founder, The Honest Stand
  • "Simple Startup has helped us plan Verve’s future. Not just pre-opening but for the first 2 years of operations. We now know when to open stores, how much this will cost and how this affects our cash flow, our earnings and hence the value of the company. We also know who to hire, when we can hire and how much we can afford to pay."

    Derek Mize
    Derek Mize CEO, Verve Wines
  • "We love the proactive engagement, intelligence, empathy you and your team brings.  Please keep that safe as you grow. We’re not ready to graduate yet!"

    Robbie Vitrano
    Robbie Vitrano Serial entrepreneur, CEO of Goodspread


  • To meet the needs of our investors, Simple Startup has helped us build clear reports and have explained the meaning behind our tracked metrics so I can better speak to them and our financials with our investors.

    Jack Bensason
    Jack Bensason Co-CEO & Founder of Trestique
  • "I feel very equipped in terms of financial planning and the model really gives me a great foundation to forecast for the next 5 years but also things that we need to keep in mind that will impact future growth."

    Candace Mitchell
    Candace Mitchell Founder & CEO, Myavana

Hard Goods

  • "Simple Startup helped us run Epic like a profitable business which brought us to the point where we could make business decisions based on numbers I could trust and that was hugely beneficial."

    Ash Heather
    Ash Heather Co-Founder, Epic Water Filters
  • "Simple Startup has made our business better. Bert and Rebecca are always a phone call away and help with any accounting issues that arise. Our business has become more efficient and I feel more connected to the financials than ever. We are a medium-sized business and they offer every service we need and always provide over the top customer service. Highly recommend!"

    Eric Ebel
    Eric Ebel Manager, Urban Mattress Boulder

Some of our favorite companies to help are evolving high tech.


High Tech

  • "Though I went to business school, unless you work in finance every day, at some point as a startup entrepreneur you will need a refresher on the basics of financial modeling. Finance is obviously a critical piece of the equation when you are looking to create trust with investors and other people in regards to your business. Through the Cash Model course, I was able to do that in one sitting!"

    Antonio Romera
    Antonio Romera Founder, ShopBox Inc
  • "I've been really impressed by Simple Startup. They set out a roadmap for onboarding so I knew what to expect and when, they turn up for meetings early and well prepared and they follow up IN DETAIL. I would recommend them to anyone looking for finance and accounting services. Their approach is one of partnership vs. the traditional transactional model of vendor/client."

    Sherisse Hawkins
    Sherisse Hawkins CEO + Founder, Pagedip
  • "Simple Startup's unique model is one that is long overdue and much needed. At first I was wary of outsourcing such a critical function, especially given that Huckabuy is growing so fast. But Simple Startup works really well for us. We've mitigated risk by having them manage our accounting, receivables, and payments. They're responsive and flexible with our needs on forecasting and key indicators. All in all, they're a very good business partner - 5/5 stars."

    Chris Himes
    Chris Himes Board Member, Huckabuy

The smartest companies work with Simple Startup.

The consumer product goods companies we’ve helped:

The high tech companies we’ve helped:

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