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Simple Startup is the preferred fractional CFO partner for growth-minded executives. Our finance professionals, accountants and tax experts leverage our knowledge to help you solve your financial needs and realize your goals.

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Finance Services

Our Fractional CFOs partner with you to discuss major company goals and build a strategic financial plan to fortify your company and achieve growth milestones.

Accounting Services

Our controller and accounting services are the foundation of your financial health. We make sure your financial foundation is strong so we can see trends, spot opportunities, and ultimately direct your financial future.


Tax Services

Our Tax Services focus on tax advisory and tax returns/compliance for businesses. Get ahead of your tax liabilities with quarterly tax planning guidance to ensure you’re never paying more than you should, you’re always tax-audit-ready, and you have a strategic tax plan.

Simple Startup Helps Our Most Successful Clients with These Services

Expertise and hands-on support to achieve your goals and prepare for growth


CFO Strategy


Financial Planning & Analysis


KPI Management & Analysis

Board Support and Oversight

Other Finance Services

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We can help you gain the clarity and agility you need to make data-driven decisions that lead to profitable growth.

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A CFO Perspective: Uncover Opportunities for Growth in Your CPG Business

Today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world has challenged consumer packaged goods (CPG) businesses like never before. CPG companies that leverage financial data and understand the story it’s telling can find opportunities to grow and thrive despite these obstacles.


We created Simple Startup to help you simplify your finances, truly understand your numbers, and make smart, informed business decisions. Part of this commitment is keeping you informed on financial news, tools, tips, and stories to help drive more success for your business.

We have also digested many decades of our knowledge into affordable and approachable online learning courses designed for entrepreneurs wanting to grow their business. Check out our Resources and Academy pages to find out more.

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