A New Brand, a New Website, and a Renewed Focus on Fractional CFO Services That Accelerate Your Goals


Simple Startup was founded to help growth-minded businesses like yours simplify finances, understand the story your data is telling you, and make smart, informed decisions.

We deliver on that commitment every day through the work we do for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) across many industries—from consumer packaged goods (CPG), like food and beverage, beauty, and hard goods, to technology, to professional services. But we recognized that our brand and website didn’t convey the story of who we are or how our commitment translates to helping business leaders like you accelerate your growth and achieve your goals.

That’s all changed!

Simple Startup has launched a new brand and website that better reflect our focus on helping growth-minded companies reinforce their financial foundations, transform their fiscal strategies, and scale their business. Our new tagline—”Financial Foundations. Future Growth.”—sums up how Simple Startup can help get you where you want to go.

Whether you’re looking to grow tenfold, achieve Series B funding, build the value of your company so you can be acquired or exit the business, or secure expert guidance to determine your next move, Simple Startup is the strategic partner that’s uniquely equipped to set the financial foundation for reaching your goals.

At the heart of this approach is our fractional CFO Services: the key to obtaining the strategic financial planning and support your business needs, without tying up your resources on a full-time in-house CFO hire.

How Our Fractional CFO Services Support You

When you choose Simple Startup for fractional CFO services, you gain a strategic partner that’s just as committed to your business goals as your in-house team. Our fractional CFOs, accountants, tax strategists, and financial consultants become fully immersed in your business. And that allows us to deliver highly customized solutions that align 100% with your unique needs and goals.

Along with our new brand and website comes a renewed emphasis on providing the fractional CFO support that SMBs depend on to grow and thrive. We’ve enhanced our fractional CFO services to focus on the areas that are most important to your company’s success: building a clean, historical financial track record, fortifying your company against financial weakness, explaining your unique story to investors and other shareholders, and guiding you through complex issues so you can accelerate your growth and move your business forward along your journey.

Every Fractional CFO engagement is as unique as the business we’re supporting. But most companies that partner with Simple Startup rely on our team for CFO-level services that encompass the core pillars of finance, accounting, and tax.

  • Through our Finance Services, we take a deep dive into your business, understand your goals, and build a strategic financial plan that strengthens the company and helps move you along your journey.
  • Our Accounting Services are key to setting a strong foundation for a financially healthy business, leveraging the expertise of our controllers and accountants to ensure you have everything you need to manage your finances, stay in compliance, identify problems and opportunities, and keep your business on track to achieve your goals.
  • Simple Startup Tax Services cover you tactically (ensuring you pay taxes in the right amount, on time, and in compliance) and strategically (analyzing and solving tax issues through our tax advisory and consultation services).      

Within those core pillars, Simple Startup Fractional CFOs are ready to support your business with exactly what you need at any point in your journey.

For instance, we recognize that growth-minded companies like yours need data-driven financial insights to make the best decisions about how to move the business forward. Our fractional CFOs can provide financial planning, analysis, and reporting services that equip your leadership with the information to make strategic and operational decisions with greater confidence.

We also realize that you can’t achieve your goals without a firm understanding and focus on your key performance indicators (KPIs). Our financial experts identify the levers that are most important to your business, then develop and monitor KPIs across every functional area of the organization to help keep you on course.

Many companies find it challenging to ensure they’re fully prepared for the questions their board members will expect answers to. That’s another reason companies lean on Simple Startup for fractional CFO services. With our board preparation help, you can assure stakeholders that you’re deploying capital and other resources strategically and setting the financial foundation you need to accelerate your growth.

Simple Startup Fractional CFOs can even perform a business valuation—something that’s not just necessary when you’re selling the company, but critical for understanding what drives value in your business. Our fractional CFOs identify the value drivers in an SMB and help develop and monitor initiatives designed to improve shareholder value.

Be Sure to Tap Our Wealth of Resources

When you visit our new website, we hope you’ll dig deeper into our fractional CFO services to understand how they can help you as you progress along your growth journey. But we also hope you’ll spend some time browsing through our revamped Resources section.

The Resources area of our new website is filled with financial news, tools, tips, and stories, providing ideas and solutions to drive your business’s growth and success. You’ll find blogs on the financial topics that are top-of-mind for today’s business leaders, along with tools and guides to help you work productively and make informed business decisions, and success stories that highlight how Simple Startup Fractional CFOs are helping companies like yours achieve their goals.

You’ll also find links to the many courses available through the Simple Startup Academy—an easily accessible source of online learning about practical accounting and financial topics.

As we launch our new brand and website, we’re excited about the opportunity to better support your business as you aim to drive higher growth and greater value. Contact Simple Startup to learn how we can help set the financial foundation you need to fuel your future growth!   

About Lorne Noble

Lorne loves finance so you don’t have to (seriously, he plays with Excel sheets on vacation)! He spent 12 years in corporate London as an investment analyst then made the jump to Boulder, Colorado to act as finance mentor to high impact companies at The Unreasonable Institute, Girl Effect Accelerator and Singularity University. He has an MBA from IE business school in Madrid, Spain.

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