Board Support & Oversight

Simple Startup can help you prepare for board meetings, including quarterly reporting and strategic plan development.


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Board Support & Oversight

Expertise to Guide Your Board Communications


Our deep experience across numerous industries and clients allows us to develop the specific reports and analysis your board of directors will expect from your company. Through effective financial oversight and forethought into the types of questions you’ll be asked, Simple Startup can help you prepare for board meetings, including monthly or quarterly reporting and specific requests for in-depth analysis. In addition, we will attend each meeting alongside you as your trusted partner, helping you effectively handle any questions as they arise.

In addition to financial reporting, today’s board members are asking CFOs to handle questions across many types of strategic investments to ensure proper financial oversight is in place, such as:

Our attendance at your board meetings also helps us understand the board dynamic and gives us the necessary context to help lead strategic planning. We assist you in demonstrating to stakeholders that resources are being deployed strategically and the company is positioned for the future with a strong financial foundation.