Other Finance Services

Simple Startup understands that your company needs strong financial management in a variety of areas to make your business a success.


Other Financial Services

Comprehensive Support from Finance Experts


In addition to our core finance services, our finance experts provide comprehensive support in a variety of other areas to help you understand capital options, manage stakeholders, and meet company goals.

We provide monthly investor-ready reporting along with strategic support to help you engage and retain the right investors. Our analysis and partnership give your management team the knowledge and confidence to communicate effectively with current and potential investors. Effective two-way investor communication ensures that your securities achieve fair valuation in the market.

Our team helps enable your strategic growth through investment rounds, mergers, and acquisitions. We help you collect the right data to determine your next move and guide you through the steps needed to get there. Whether your goal is to achieve Series B funding or build the value of your company so you can be acquired, we’re here to make it happen.

Our team will work with you to create, manage, and/or forecast your cap table.

We know what a cap table looks like, how it is used, and the best software to leverage, ensuring efficient management of your cap table. Further, it is important to forecast what your business’s cap table looks like if and when certain future funding events happen.

Whether your ownership structure is simply you and another founder or whether you have raised capital or incentivized staff through measures such as convertible notes, SAFEs, options, warrants, or priced rounds, for example, we are here to manage your cap table, generate insights and ensure it is always kept up to date.

We provide guidance and support through every step of a transition or exit. You have invested a lot to build your business, and we provide the same care and expertise in transactions and exits to ensure it continues to grow and thrive. Our hands-on support will guide you towards the next strategic move for your company.