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Get ahead of your tax obligations with quarterly tax planning guidance to ensure you’re never paying more than you should and are always tax audit ready.


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Tax Advisory

Tax Plans That Maximize Profitability and Drive Growth


Decoding the federal tax code should be the priority of a trusted fractional tax partner, not another thing on your to-do list. Simple Startup’s tax experts and CPAs take the time to get to know you and your business so they can help you manage your business’ taxes with care and precision.

Our comprehensive tax advisory services provide year-round support to ensure you don’t pay more in taxes than you should by maximizing appropriate deductions and leveraging available tax credits.

Our services include preparing a projected tax return multiple times during the tax year to determine an estimated tax liability for your business. We will evaluate scenarios and develop tax plans that reduce your tax liability and maximize any carry forward losses and hence keep more cash in your business to fuel its growth.

Core Tax Advisory Services

Evaluating and Planning Strategies


Tax Planning

With your monthly subscription, you’ll receive an evaluation of your estimated tax liability, a detailed plan for mitigating the expected tax liability, and quarterly meetings to update the plan and manage the end-of-year tax outcome. This service also includes tax advice and identification and initial qualification of available tax credits. We will proactively guide you through the tax year to manage a predetermined tax outcome.

Scenario Evaluations​

We leverage our knowledge of the tax code alongside the use of proprietary models and third-party software to forecast different scenarios and present them to you. Our tax-saving strategies provide an excellent return on investment which allows you to keep more of your hard-earned money to grow your business.

Other Tax Advisory Services

Year-Round Support in a Variety of Areas


Tax Credits

Our Core Tax Advisory Services make the identification of appropriate tax credits a breeze. However, preparing and applying for Tax Credits is a much heavier lift. This starts with a detailed initial analysis and confirmation of the tax credit available for your business. Upon confirmation, we gather the required documentation, perform a deeper analysis, and produce the numbers required to complete the forms. We then proceed with an accurate and timely filing followed by application monitoring and subsequent communication with your accounting teams, payroll providers, and any other relevant parties.

Tax Notices​

The IRS sends almost 220 million notices to taxpayers each year – that equates to more than eight notices per company per year. Taxpayers who receive a notice need to understand it and take prompt, appropriate action to resolve any disagreements or issues with the IRS. Failing to respond typically results in countless penalties and interest charges. We work with you to interpret any notices you receive and coordinate an appropriate and timely solution.

Tax Audits

Tax audits can be intimidating, and even more so when you don’t know what to expect. They typically start with requests for information, which we encourage you to respond to in a timely manner. Our experts provide customized support to ensure the correct documentation is submitted on time and appropriate explanations to defend against any IRS concerns.

Sales Tax

Do you need advice surrounding physical and economic nexus rules? Do you need help determining where you have filing requirements based on your physical or economic nexus in various states? Our experts can simplify the process for you and provide personalized recommendations.

Ad Hoc Tax Advice

General tax advice is included in our quarterly Tax Advisory service. However, for those of you who need a general question or two answered regarding your tax situation, we’re here for you. Simply reach out to a member of our tax team.

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We can help you gain the clarity and agility you need to make data-driven decisions that lead to profitable growth.