Other Accounting Services

In addition to our core accounting services, we provide support in a variety of other areas to help you meet your goals.


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Other Accounting Services

Support to Help You Meet Your Goals


Our Accounting Services are not limited to our Controller Services or Core Accounting Services. We offer various add-ons (charged separately) for services that might only be required on a periodic basis.

Does your company include a parent company and one or more subsidiaries? Our accounting team has vast knowledge in consolidating all your subsidiaries’ financials into one financial package. We will incorporate and merge all the financial accounting functions together to create consolidated financial statements that show the results in one financial package, which includes the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement. Whether your entities all have the same currency, or all have different currencies, our accounting experts will be able to consolidate your financials from the individual company’s functional currency to the company’s parent company currency.

Merchant Chargebacks (MCBs) are a nightmare, period. They take time to manage, at best are frustrating to pursue, and at worst (if not disputed) continue to grow as a percentage of revenue earned. We offer chargeback management services to push back on your customers, dispute charges on your behalf, and minimize the amount of legitimate chargebacks being claimed, keeping more cash in your company.

Our core services include the accounting and reporting of accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable (AR). However, we also offer an add-on service for following up with your customers for payment of invoices or negotiating different terms with your vendors. With successful execution, this service can generate a significant impact to cash collection and management of your AR performance metrics.

Finding a competitively priced auditor, managing an audit request list, and getting ready for an audit can be challenging. Our hands-on support guides you through the audit process by not only finding an appropriate auditor for you but also managing and coordinating document delivery and all audit-related communication.

Implementing a new accounting, tax, or finance platform for your business? We have set up many different systems for our clients, ranging from bill pay systems to expense reimbursement platforms to subscription management software, and inventory management programs. We have also undertaken many data migration projects from one accounting system or inventory management platform to another, whether this be QuickBooks Desktop (QBD), QuickBooks Online (QBO), QuickBooks Commerce, NetSuite, Cin-7, or Fishbowl.

To improve working capital positions, we are very active in vendor selection as well as vendor contract negotiations and renegotiations on behalf of our clients. We have also supported our clients with Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans and associated forgiveness applications. Whatever your ancillary accounting needs are, we are here to help.