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Simple Startup was founded BY entrepreneurs FOR entrepreneurs.

about us

At one time or another, we’d all been entrepreneurs ourselves and had also spent years working with hundreds of entrepreneurs at a variety of accelerators including The Unreasonable Institute, Singularity University and the Nike sponsored Girl Effect Accelerator.

Time and again we saw incredible startups with mind-blowing vision and drive fail miserably or not scale as fast as they could because they lacked a good handle on their finances. They were making most of their decisions based on gut feel rather than hard data, and weren’t able to raise enough money because they hadn’t been able to translate their vision into numbers.

This made us sad and we don’t like being sad.


You’re kind of a big deal.

These amazing, world-changing ventures weren’t getting to change the world because no one was giving them the proper support they needed.

So we created Simple Startup where we help entrepreneurs simplify their finances, truly understand their numbers and make smart, informed business decisions.

In short, we take care of the boring sh&t so you can focus on what you do best – growing your business!

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