Our Bookkeeper subscription does what we do best: keep it simple. Executed on a cash basis, we’ll keep your books organized and tidy and issue monthly reporting. Like Goldilocks, it’s just enough to keep your finances in order while you’re starting out but not so much that you’re paying for services you don’t need as an idea or early-stage startup!

Starting at $199 per month, you’ll get…

Accounting Foundation Set-up

If your business’s finances are the house, your chart of accounts and accounting system are the foundation. We’ll set you up with a solid base to grow from.

Cash Basis Bookkeeping

You take on the business building, we’ll handle the bookkeeping—categorizing your transactions, reconciling your bank statements, and keeping your books tidy.

Monthly Financial Reports

Bringing it back to the basics. Nothing crazy, just your perfectly prepared Profit and Loss and Income Statement delivered to your inbox monthly.

Learn how to prepare for investor meetings with these 5 financial conversations.

Our Bookkeeper subscription is perfect for…

Just-past-idea-stage startups
Just-past-idea-stage startups
Business bank account setup. ✓ Check.
SMBs seeking bookkeeping support
SMBs seeking bookkeeping support
Because Karen retired last month.
Pre-revenue startups
Pre-revenue startups
We should probably start tracking our COGS, huh...
New founders who need the books done
New founders who need the books done
Bookkeeping? I literally don’t even have time to sleep…

Choose Your Tier

We base our pricing on your average quarterly transaction volume. To figure out where you sit, pull a transaction report for the prior 3 months from your bookkeeping system and find the average number of transactions per month (see FAQ number 4 below for detailed instructions). You can also guesstimate—we’ll double-check that you’re in the right tier upon starting and adjust your subscription if needed.

  • Strategic
    $499 monthly
    • Up to 250 transactions per month
  • Standard
    $349 monthly
    • Up to 150 transactions per month
  • Simple
    $199 monthly
    • Up to 75 transactions per month

Have additional questions? Check out or FAQs below.

What's included in each bookkeeping subscription package?

Every package includes:

  • Monthly categorization and reconciliation of your bank and credit card transactions
  • Monthly Reporting: Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet (Cash basis)
  • Email support for questions regarding your books*

*Email support is for simple questions, i.e. clarification questions related to your books – for more strategic advice or in-depth guidance, you’ll want our monthly meeting add-on 🙂

What’s not included in the cash accounting packages?

Because we like to be clear, below is a list of items that are not included in our cash accounting packages. If you’re in need of any of these services, you may be a better fit for our investment-ready accounting packages.

  • Accrual accounting
  • Payroll
  • Accounts Payable (bill management and payment)
  • Accounts Receivable (Invoice creation and submission)
  • Inventory / inventory management
  • Meetings and advisory
  • The ownership (and therefore cost) of your accounting software subscriptions, e.g. Quickbooks or Xero,, etc.

What is included in the setup fee?

When we onboard you, we set you up in all our systems, set up your accounting system and the supporting structures to back it up (including linking your bank and credit card accounts and setting your Chart of Accounts), as well as getting to know your business and understand your numbers. The first month always involves more of our time because we are getting to know you and setting everything up. This is why we charge a setup fee 🙂

If we need to go back to prior months and depending on the scope of the work, an additional clean-up fee may be charged at the beginning of your subscription in order to complete onboarding.

How do I calculate my average number of transactions per month?

We determine transactions as anything listed on the Transaction List by Date report in Quickbooks and the Detailed Account Transaction report in Xero.

To pull a Transaction by Date report in Quickbooks complete the following steps:

  • Log in to Quickbooks
  • Click Reports on the left-hand side of the screen
  • In the Search bar, type “Transaction List by Date” and click that report when it populates
  • Change the date range of the report for the month in question, select Run Report, and then export to an Excel file

To pull a Detailed Account Transaction report in Xero complete the following steps:

  • Log in to Xero
  • From the Accounting menu, select Reports
  • Under Accounting, select the Detailed Account Transactions report
  • Change the date range by entering a From and To date for the month in question
  • Click Update to view the report and then download it to Excel

Pull the Transaction List by Date report or the Detailed Account Transaction report for the three months prior, count the number of transactions (i.e. rows) for each month and then calculate the average number of transactions over the 3 month time period. This will determine the tier level of your subscription:

  1. Strategic Subscription (Up to 250 transactions per month)
  2. Standard Subscription (Up to 150 transactions per month)
  3. Simple Subscription (Up to 75 transactions per month)

If you do not yet have Quickbooks or Xero set up, we’ll ask for CSV’s of your business’s bank and credit card activity from the previous quarter to get the most accurate gauge of your average monthly transaction volume.

How do I know if cash accounting or accrual accounting is right for me?

For many small businesses, cash accounting works excellently as a simple way to keep track of your finances. Cash accounting may not be right for larger businesses that need the most accurate picture long-term or for companies looking to raise investments in the near future, who thus need to be able to accurately predict their business’s finances for investors.

The IRS also requires businesses to use the accrual method of accounting when they have sales totaling over $5 million per year, or when they must keep an inventory of merchandise to sell to consumers.

Is there any work required of me during onboarding?

The answer is yes! While we wish we could just run free and handle everything with zero input from you, there are some things we’ll need to pick your brain on. To cut down on the amount of work required of you throughout service, we request a little more of you during the first month of setup. We require you to fill out a Master Customer and Vendor list so that we can cut down on the number of uncategorized transactions we need help on throughout our service to you. We require you to fill out a couple of forms related to system access and the provision of documents related to our accounting service to you and will ask for your approval on your Chart of Accounts if we’re setting it up for you. We also may require your assistance when syncing up banks, payroll systems, etc. to your accounting platform as often our access level will not allow for us to do it ourselves.

What support will you need from me throughout service?

Beyond the initial onboarding period, not much! We’ll send you an uncategorized transactions sheet twice per month which we’ll need you to review to help us close your books. Every once and a while there may be ad-hoc questions, but by and large, it will be smooth sailing once we’ve set you up.

Have a few more questions?