Our Bookkeeper subscription does what we do best: keep it simple. Executed on a cash basis, we’ll keep your books organized and tidy and issue monthly reporting. Like Goldilocks, it’s just enough to keep your finances in order while you’re starting out but not so much that you’re paying for services you don’t need as an idea or early-stage startup!

Starting at $199 per month, you’ll get…

Accounting Foundation Set-up

If your business’s finances are the house, your chart of accounts and accounting system are the foundation. We’ll set you up with a solid base to grow from.

Cash Basis Bookkeeping

You take on the business building, we’ll handle the bookkeeping—categorizing your transactions, reconciling your bank statements, and keeping your books tidy.

Monthly Financial Reports

Bringing it back to the basics. Nothing crazy, just your perfectly prepared Profit and Loss and Income Statement delivered to your inbox monthly.

Want to raise 100K without talking to a single investor? Of course you do.

Our Bookkeeper subscription is perfect for…

Just-past-idea-stage startups
Just-past-idea-stage startups
Business bank account setup. ✓ Check.
SMBs seeking bookkeeping support
SMBs seeking bookkeeping support
Because Karen retired last month.
Pre-revenue startups
Pre-revenue startups
We should probably start tracking our COGS, huh...
New founders who need the books done
New founders who need the books done
Bookkeeping? I literally don’t even have time to sleep…

Choose Your Tier

We base our pricing on your average quarterly transaction volume. To figure out where you sit, pull a transaction report for last quarter from your bookkeeping system and find the average number of transactions per month. You can also guesstimate—we’ll double check that you’re in the right tier upon starting and adjust your subscription if needed.

  • Strategic
    $499 monthly
    • Up to 250 transactions per month
  • Standard
    $349 monthly
    • Up to 150 transactions per month
  • Simple
    $199 monthly
    • Up to 75 transactions per month

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