How to Raise Capital Without Diluting Too Much of Your Ownership


Capital is the lifeblood of any growth business. Raising sufficient capital enables you to fund the development of your product before you start generating revenue, get your offering to market faster, and scale the business once you’ve operationalized it.  But many approaches to raising capital require you to give away a portion of ownership in […]

Recruiting for the Future


I have written previously about avoiding a bad hire. In that article, I focused on the processes around recruiting and the importance of complete and utter clarity around the expectations of a role. Today, I’d like to take a step back and look at recruitment from a different perspective. One that starts well before you […]

Avoid These 4 Appraisal Pitfalls


You are happy. Business is moving forward. You have finally delegated a bunch of jobs that were keeping you awake at night. You like your team and feel like they are in it with you. And it’s employee appraisal time. A day to put your feet up, enjoy a really positive chat with some important […]

Why Should You Care About Asset Management Ratios?


A variety of financial ratios can help business owners make sense out of financial data, like profit, sales, and assets, that can be difficult to analyze without context. Ratios don’t give you answers to questions, like how well you are performing and what you need to do to improve. Instead, financial ratios help you see […]