The tax code is estimated to weigh in at a whopping 70,000 pages. Making sense of it on your own would be near impossible, not to mention dreadfully boring and time-intensive. Unluckily, it’s also pretty freakin’ important to follow to the T. You need expert guidance to ensure your business is in line; we can help. Our tax experts are available to help guide you through tax challenges as they arise. 



When Google doesn’t have the answers. Our Tax Consulting service is commitment-free, so you can get the advice you need, when you need it, without needing to enter into a long-term relationship. And, at $100 per half-hour session, it won’t break the bank!


The federal tax law is roughly 4 million words! Making sense of the tax code on your own is HARD. Our tax experts will give you the cliff notes and guide you through your tax challenges.


We’re able to answer questions on general taxation, tax credits, payroll, benefits, and more. If you don’t see your topic listed or you’re unsure if we can help, drop us a line to learn more.


Below are some of the subjects and associated questions we can help advise on. This list is not comprehensive, so if you don’t see your question or topic listed below, give us a shout to learn more before purchasing your session so we can be sure it’s something we can support you with.

Payroll, Benefits, & HR

  • Are my family members allowed to be employees of my company? Under what circumstances is this allowable? 
  • Should I offer a 401K to my employees?  What are the tax implications of this to both the employee and the business? 
  • What is self-employment tax, how is it calculated and when does it need to be paid?
  • If I or any of my employees work from home, can their home office expenses be considered a tax-deductible business expense? 
  • What is a health savings plan and should I start one for my company?

Fixed Asset Purchases

  • What type of assets am I allowed to purchase for my business?
  • Should I buy equipment for my business or lease equipment? What kind of impact does this have on my business’s tax return?
  • Should I buy a warehouse or office building for my business? What tax impact does this have on me and/or my business vs simply renting?
  • Is there a particular depreciation method that would be more tax-favorable for me/my business?
  • What is a 1031 tax-free exchange?

General Taxation

  • What constitutes a startup cost? Should these be capitalized and over what period of time should they be amortized? What impact does that have on us as a startup company from a tax perspective?
  • What documentation do I need to minimize tax audit risk?
  • Should I consider delaying business income and/or expenses to the following tax year?
  • Can I pay business expenses from my personal bank accounts? What are the implications?
  • What is the tax impact of writing off obsolete inventory? Should I do it?
  • How do charitable contributions affect my taxes?
  • How do you calculate the 199A pass-through deduction?  Do I qualify for a QBI (qualified business income) deduction?
  • What are the allowable business travel expenses?
  • Will writing off bad debts in this tax year impact my taxable profit? Should I do this?
  • How can I minimize the 3.8% medicare tax on personal investment income?

Tax Credits

  • Do I qualify for any tax credits, how may these impact my business and can you help me apply for these? Examples of tax credits include R&D Tax Credits, Empowerment Zone Employment Credit, Work Opportunity Tax Credit, Employer-Provided Childcare Tax Credit, Credit for Small Employer Health Insurance, Credit for Paid Family & Medical Leave, Alternative Motor Vehicle Credit.

Business Foundation

  • What entity structure is best from a tax perspective?  What should I know about that?
  • What are the implications of an S corp election?  What is reasonable compensation?
  • What are the advantages of electing to be an S-corp?
  • I am starting a new business. What are the advantages of the various entity structures?
  • What are the steps to starting a new entity?  What do I need to know?
  • What business insurance plans are deductible? How should they be structured?

Business Financing & Restructuring

  • What is an 83B election? Should I take one?
  • I started my business as a Limited Liability Company and am under pressure by third parties to change to a corporation. If I change my entity structure, how will this affect my business? What should I be aware of when considering this?

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Determine the Type of Question You Need Help With
Some of our specializations include payroll, benefits & human resources, fixed asset purchases, general taxation, tax credits, business foundation, and business financings & restructurings.
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