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Academy Courses

Fill-in-the-Blanks Financial Modeling

Our Natural Foods & CPG specific Fill-in-the-Blanks Financial Modeling Course allows you to translate your vision into a fully adjustable (by you!) financial model that provides you with a numbers-based roadmap for the future – at a fraction of the cost of doing it with a CFO!

Built on hundreds of hours of industry experience, the course includes:

  • A CPG financial model template
  • Step-by-step video modules
  • 5 hours of live Q&A with a CFO

Budgeting Basics: The Cash Manager

Everyone knows that cash is king. Help your business survive and thrive during the Coronavirus outbreak with our Cash Management in a Crisis Course. Our Cash Manager course provides you with:

  • Tips and tricks for managing your business’ cash
  • A super simple tool to manage your cash ongoing
  • Video instruction from a CFO on how to use it and why it matters.

The Cash Manager tool you’ll receive in this course is the same we use at Simple Startup to track our AR & AP, cash balances, and perform cash management strategy. Right now, 100% of course proceeds go to No Kid Hungry and Meals on Wheels.

Budgeting Basics: The Cash Model

Our Cash Model course is designed to help companies in any industry forecast the future and create a roadmap for their business’ finances. In this course, you’ll receive access to:

  • Your very own excel Cash Model template
  • Instructions on how to use it
  • Step-by-step video guidance on how to fill it out and why it matters.

You’ll walk away with a completed cash model that’s expert built and continually adjustable by you, so that you can iterate and adjust as your company grows.

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