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Monthly Bookkeeping & Accounting

We handle your backend bookkeeping + accounting so you can focus on what you do best – growing your business. Our awesome monthly package includes everything most young companies need but if you need more, we have a full menu of add-ons to pick and choose from.

That’s not all we can do for you…

Our other specialties include

business analysis

Want to re-evaluate your current business model, understand if you are profitable, or maybe calculate what it costs to acquire a customer? We ask you the right questions so we can delve into the nuts of bolts of your business and make it more successful.

financial modeling

Need help translating your business vision into numbers, or want to find out how much cash you need to build that vision? We can give you clarity on what the next five years will look like financially for your business.

capital raising

How do you determine the best type of capital for your organization and where to find it? We can help negotiate and secure the best possible terms but also ensure you understand the long-term implications for the ownership of your business.

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Our clients love what we do for them.

  • "Simple Startup lived up to their name by keeping things as simple as possible but still building out all the functionality we needed. I not only learned a lot about financial models, but also a lot about my business."

    Erik Carver
    Erik Carver Founder/CEO
  • "Working with SSF was fun, fast and they provided excellent quality. They helped us understand whether a corporate merger was a viable opportunity or not. We will DEFINITELY bring them in whenever we need help with Financial models in the future."

    Daniel Epstein
    Daniel Epstein CEO, Unreasonable Group
  • "If you are looking for someone to help you understand your business, work WITH you to think through the problems you have, listen to your ideas, provide constructive feedback and co-create customized solutions, not just propose standardized ones then choosing SSF is the best decision you can make. They go the extra mile and create a solution that can be used long after they’re gone. It’s been a game-changer for us."

    Sanga Moses
    Sanga Moses CEO, Eco Fuels Africa
  • "We love the proactive engagement, intelligence, empathy you and your team brings.  Please keep that safe as you grow. We’re not ready to graduate yet!"

    Robbie Vitrano
    Robbie Vitrano serial entrepreneur, CEO of Goodspread
  • "SSF was able to synthesize, organize and arrange our vision in a way that made sense. They asked the right questions and truly cared about the future of our business, making it feel like they were a trusted member of our team."

    Aaron Ekalo
    Aaron Ekalo CEO, Good Luck Chuck
  • "The cost of SSF’s services were tiny compared to the confidence we gained in pursuing a new business model that could be far more lucrative than our current model!"

    Teju Ravilochan
    Teju Ravilochan CEO, Unreasonable Institute
  • I can now clearly see which areas of my business are most profitable enabling me to focus on growing those areas. This has given me both confidence and peace of mind. Confidence that I can go out and fundraise successfully, and peace of mind that I'm now aware of exactly where money flows in my business meaning I can answer pretty much any question thrown at me.

    Romain Sebekin
    Romain Sebekin CEO, Plastica
  • "SSF has helped us plan Verve’s future. Not just pre-opening but for the first 2 years of operations. We now know when to open stores, how much this will cost and how this affects our cash flow, our earnings and hence the value of the company. We also know who to hire, when we can hire and how much we can afford to pay."

    Derek Mize
    Derek Mize CEO, Verve Wines
  • "These guys will whip your finances into (very, very detailed) shape and make you feel like you're somehow the hero!"

    Alex Cox
    Alex Cox Co-founder, Goodspread
  • "Simple immerses themselves in your business. The financial relationship is staged right, quite bespoke and that makes all the difference going forward for having the information your need to manage your business at it's most tender stage."

    Robbie Vitrano
    Robbie Vitrano serial entrepreneur, CEO of Goodspread
  • "The people at Simple are smart, responsive, and funny. I love working with them! The efficiency improvements they are already developing for us are great."

    Sarah Kraft
    Sarah Kraft Birth Institute
  • "I love the ice breaker questions! I really appreciate the simplicity you have created."

    Andrew Newman
    Andrew Newman Conscious Stories
  • "The Simple Startup team made me feel comfortable asking any and all questions. Never felt dumb and learned an immense amount about my books and how to handle finances in general."

    Alex Cox
    Alex Cox Co-founder, Goodspread

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