Looking to raise money, grow your business or create a roadmap for running your company? Get a Natural Foods / CPG specific Financial Model at a fraction of the usual price.

We help entrepreneurs grow their business faster.

We take the finance and accounting work off their shoulders, by simplify their systems, understanding their numbers, and helping them make smart, informed business decisions.  





You pick the cohort you would like join. Either in person starting 14th November in Boulder OR via webinar starting 15th November. Upcoming programs start January 2019.

Step 1: Pick a cohort

Before your cohort begins you will receive the financial model template as well as the modular instruction manual as back up to the in-person / webinar program.

Step 3: Model + Instruction Manual

You purchase your spot on the program. As these are the pilot programs we are offering them at a 33% discount!

Step 2: Sign-up.

We like Margaritas but you can pick whatever you like to celebrate successfully completing the model and creating a roadmap for your business to grow.

Step 5: Celebrate!

You join a crew of other awesome entrepreneurs for 4 x 1.5 hour sessions walking you through how to fill out and use the model to grow your CPG business.

Step 4: Get Started

How it works?

No, financial modeling isn’t Kate Moss covered in dollar bills! Financial modeling is particularly useful when you want to consider the future of your company’s finances and the factors that influence it, so you can better understand how to turn your vision into reality!

Who needs a model?

Bootstrapped Startups

Bootstrapped startups thinking about raising money – a model will help you decide how much you need and when.

Businesses Raising Money

A model shows investors how they will see a return on their investment and shows you’ve thought through the future growth of your company.

Leaders Making Plans

Leaders wanting to plan out the future of their business. This model will be your roadmap going forward.

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

A model helps you think through all the financial implications of your amazing idea and decide if it’s the next billion dollar baby or a passion project to build on the side

Typically, building a model from scratch takes a TON of time and expertise. Which is why we’ve taken all our model building expertise (seriously, we’ve built hundreds of these things) and put all that knowledge into an affordable, simple to understand model that YOU can download and fill in yourself.


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Save up to 100 hours of work.

Let us take the workload off you. We are here to help you grow your business by saving you time.