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Managing payroll can be a huge time lift for a business and getting it right is even more important. Enter payroll software and apps! These allow you to pay your employees with total ease. But what exactly are they and how do you know which one is best for you and your business? In this article you will learn our top 3 recommendations for payroll apps, and why payroll apps are so important to making your life at work that much easier.

What is payroll software and why is it important?

You may have heard people referring to payroll software or apps, but what exactly do they do? Well, payroll software is an application or system that is used to organize, manage, and automate the process of paying your employees. After initially inputting all your employee details, the payroll software can track and maintain all employee payments and keep records of each payment. Some payroll software or apps will also give your business the ability to monitor time, attendance, and tax information.

Payroll software simplifies the whole process of paying your employees as it saves a shed load of time and energy due to it all being automated. Your HR department doesn’t have to spend a significant amount of time each month sorting out payments, and can instead focus their time and energy on the other tasks at hand, such as recruitment, training, and employee relations. And most payroll employees love using an automated payroll software because it can save time and effort on headache-inducing processes like federal, state, and local tax filing, processing direct deposits, and generating reports.

What makes a good payroll software?

With so many different options out there, it can be tricky to narrow down your search to a payroll software or app that works for you and your business. But there are a few aspects to payroll software that makes them stand out from the crowd! Some of these aspects include:

  • Federal, state, and local tax filing
  • Time and attendance tracking
  • Employee self-service access
  • PTO tracking
  • Employee data management
  • Reporting
  • Software integrations (i.e. time tracking, benefits, etc.)
  • Additional pay adjustments like reimbursements or bonuses

Not all these features may be a priority for you, so it’s up to you to really think about what it is you need from a payroll software and hone in on the aspects that are important for you.

Recommendation 1: Gusto

First up we have Gusto. This is a payroll software that encompasses payroll, HR and a benefits system all in one place, and it’s a full service that is included in all of its plans. It automates many of the tasks that can take up a lot of time for your HR department, allowing them to focus on the more important tasks. Gusto also integrates with the software you may already use for accounting and benefits administration, which means you don’t have to input all your data from scratch into a new software. It also comes with employee self-service and profiles with all its plans meaning that your employees can easily check their pay slips and tax forms as and when needed.

Pricing: Gusto offer three tiered plans when it comes to their payroll software, Gusto Core, Gusto Complete, and Gusto Concierge. The Gusto Core plan starts at a flat rate of $39, plus $6 per employee per month.

Recommendation 2: ADP

Next we have Automatic Data Processing or ADP. Over 600,000 businesses across the country rely on ADP Payroll to pay their workers. It’s a cloud-based payroll system that gives you the ability to manage your payroll, HR, hiring, and benefits – all in one place. Some of its key features include: automated payroll tax, integration with other software (including Quickbooks), payroll reporting, and time tracking. It’s a payroll software that can both save your HR department a lot of time and energy, whilst also giving them the tools to ensure that everything is running smoothly, especially when it comes to payroll reporting.

They offer two plans for small businesses: ADP Run, a four-tiered plan designed for up to 49 employees, and ADP Workforce Now for 50–1,000 employees. Pricing tends to vary by plan, so you would need to contact them for a quote, but ADP does offer their new customers two free months using their services.

Recommendation 3: TriNet

And finally we have TriNet. This is a payroll software that also integrates well with current accounting systems, like Quickbooks and Xero, and includes payroll management and reporting, benefits administration, and other key HR functions. Their payroll platform allows you to manage payroll throughout the lifecycle of employees – if it’s hiring, promotion, or off-boarding – and as it’s a self-service platform too, it also allows your employees to view their pay slips, view or download tax forms, and track their paid time off. TriNet also includes payroll tax management, ensuring that everything is correct and up-to-date, mitigating any potential risks.

Pricing: This tends to vary by plan as TriNet customizes a plan for every business dependent on their size, unique features and HR needs, and so if TriNet fits with what you need from a payroll software, you can contact them here.

7 more payroll software recommendations

  1. Paychex – “Get the best from HR, payroll & benefits.”
  2. Square Payroll – “The future of business is yours to shape.”
  3. SurePayroll – “Small business is our business”
  4. OnPay Payroll – “Payroll and HR that move you in the right direction.”
  5. Patriot Payroll – “Trusted by tens of thousands of happy customers for Accounting, Payroll, Time & Attendance, and HR.”
  6. Wave Payroll – “Award-winning financial software designed for entrepreneurs.”
  7. Paylocity – “Powerful HR and payroll tools. Partnered with a team that cares.”

Do you have a payroll software?

Payroll software can be a key next step for small businesses looking to manage and grow their business by freeing up a lot of the time and energy that would normally go into payroll management. It allows you to prioritize and focus on other parts of the business whilst knowing that your payroll and employee management is in safe hands.

Simple Startup can help your business and free up your schedule by taking payroll management off your plate through our accounting subscriptions. We look at metrics as part of our bookkeeping, accounting and fractional support services and customize them specifically for each business we partner with. If you’re struggling with payroll management or knowing your numbers, then worry not. Grab some time on our calendar and see how we can support you and your business today!

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