Understanding Your Income Statement

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In the second installment of our financial statement series where we address the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement and the inter-relationship between the three statements, we’re talking about income statements. What is an Income Statement? An income statement, alongside your balance sheet and cash flow statement, gives you a good idea and […]

How to Untangle the Conflicting Pressures of Sales and Operations


I have a client who is building a business. Let’s call her Jodie. Jodie has done fantastically well. First, she developed a brand new type of organic juice for the beverage market. She raised funds and started to sell batches online. She began to approach retailers directly and some are now selling her juice in-store. […]

Why is Budgeting So Important for Your Business?


Let’s say you’re a relatively young business, you’ve experienced initial success and growth, but now you feel like you’re hitting a wall with your growth initiatives. It might be time to consider financial modeling and budgeting, with the support of an expert, to help you get over your growth hump. We’ve pulled together a few […]