How to Manage Your Sales Tax


The world of tax can be extremely confusing, with rules differing between states, but getting it right is crucial to your company’s success. As your business evolves and changes over time, your sales tax obligations may also change or expand, so it’s vital that you’re effectively managing your taxes. In this blog, we’ll take you […]

How to Use Your Funding Effectively


As a startup, securing that much needed funding is a huge deal and deserves to be celebrated! But after you’ve taken a moment to celebrate this victory, it’s time to get down to business. It’s one thing to secure funding, but it’s a whole other ballpark ensuring that you’re using this funding in the best […]

How to Manage Your Capitalization Table


Many startups seek equity funding during their high growth journey, and while achieving successful funding is incredibly exciting, it also comes with a few management considerations to keep in mind. And this is namely capitalization table management. Using a capitalization table will help you keep a close eye on your ownership dilution, and understand its […]